My Posit::conf 2023 Experience - A Conference of Insights, Knowledge, Connections, and Explorations


The Posit::conf 2023 (formerly known as RStudio conference) was held in Hyatt Regency in Chicago, Illinois, USA from 16 to 20 September, 2023. This was the first conference held since the name was changed from RStudio to Posit. It was a conference full of learning, making connections, and feeling inspired. As an attendee, I had the privilege of participating in workshops, attending various events, listening to great talks, meeting talented individuals, and experiencing the empowering atmosphere of R Ladies. I am immensely grateful for Posit Software, PBC formerly RStudio, PBC for this valuable opportunity. In this blog post, I’ll share my experience from Posit::conf 2023.


Safe, positive, inclusive and respectful and welcoming atmosphere for everyone

The conference had a code of conduct in place, which provided a safer environment by setting clear guidelines for expected behavior, ensuring that all participants feel respected, safe, included, and free from any form of harassment or discrimination. It provided a positive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone attending the event.



The Posit conference workshops showcase a diverse array of topics, ensuring that there’s something for every data scientist, analyst, or programmer. These sessions are led by experts in their respective fields. I attended Big data with arrow in R conducted by Steph Hazlitt & Nic Crane and Data science workflows with Posit tools: Python focus by Sam Edwardes and Gagandeep Singh.

The workshops truly represent the breadth and depth of the data science field, catering to the diverse needs and interests of attendees. The most of the workshop materials from the Posit conference have been published on their respective GitHub pages. This move toward open accessibility of workshop content is a significant benefit to conference attendees and the broader community.

Jan Pauls’s inspiring story, Keynotes, Talks

The Posit conference began with an inspiring narrative shared by Jan Paul, whose story is deeply intertwined with the vital relationship between the Penobscot people and their life-sustaining river on Indian Island. Jan Paul works for the Penobscot Nation in the Department of Natural Resources and Water Quality. Her work involves employing open-source technology, including tools like R and the RStudio IDE, for data analysis. Her mission is to ensure the well-being of the river, thereby safeguarding the health of her people. You can watch the story using the following link:

The keynotes, talks and lightning talks featured an impressive line-up of speakers on various topics. The talks comprehensively address various facets of data science, spanning topics such as data wrangling, modeling, communication, production tools, reproducible research, open science, and sharing experiences on transitioning to R and Python. Jeremy Howard gave a fascinating keynote on A Hackers’ Guide to Language Models.


R Ladies

R Ladies, a community that promotes gender diversity in the R programming community, had a significant presence at the conference. It was inspiring to see so many talented women sharing their expertise and experiences, and it reinforced the importance of diversity in tech. R Ladies events provided excellent networking opportunities. I had the chance to connect with amazing professionals, exchange ideas, and build lasting connections.


Opportunity Scholar Program

It was a fantastic initiative that ensured a diverse group of individuals had access to this enriching experience.


Meeting Great People

Lastly, the people I met. Ample opportunities were provided for conference attendees to expand their networks. These events included a book signing reception, engaging “Birds of a Feather” coffee meetups, and a lively trivia night, among others. The R community is filled with passionate and talented individuals who are eager to collaborate and share knowledge. Building relationships with like-minded professionals and making new friends was truly invaluable.


Sightseeing After the Conference

While Posit::conf 2023 was undeniably the highlight of my trip, I couldn’t resist the allure of exploring the beautiful city that hosted this incredible event. After the conference wrapped up, I embarked on a sightseeing adventure that allowed me to immerse myself in the local culture and history.